Patients Fleeing to Canada for Intragastric Balloons

The weight loss device known as the intragastric balloon is not available in the United States, but those seeking the treatment can cross the border to Canada in have it inserted. This balloon like device is small and placed in the stomach in order to take up room so that the patients feel full sooner.

However, there is serious concern about its safety and it seems very unlikely that it will be granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration. Weight loss experts, who promote healthy and effective weight loss, for example, work with patients the need to lose a lot of weight and want to do so quickly without using intragastric balloons or weight loss surgery.

The balloon has been available in Canada since 2006, and it is also used in Europe and South America. It is placed inside of the stomach of a patient for about six months in order to achieve rapid weight loss.  For people that have a lot to weight to lose, it can seem like a good option over more invasive options like bariatric surgery.  However, risks involved obstructing the intestines and puncturing the abdomen, which can be life-threatening.

Revision weight loss procedure sparks controversy

Weight loss Carnie WilsonRecent media attention about singer Carnie Wilson’s second bariatric surgery has raised questions over revision weight loss procedures. While the need for a secondary weight loss surgery is rare, patients should be aware that it can happen.

Statistics have shown that revision weight loss surgery has a higher complication risk than primary weight loss surgery. For the safety of the patient, a doctor who performs revision weight loss surgery should have extensive primary weight loss surgery and revision weight loss surgery experience. Patients need to understand that weight loss procedures are a serious commitment and require drastic lifestyle changes and an open mind.

Weight loss centers cite the most recent report from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), that states that 15 million people in America suffer from obesity, while less than 1% of the clinically eligible population undergo weight loss procedures each year.

Patients who undergo bariatric surgery may improve their life expectancy by as much as 89%, but the procedures are not an immediate fix. Strict maintenance of a healthy diet and nutritional supplements is essential to staying healthy and losing weight.

Diet Centers can help guide patients in making the right choices to fit their individual needs.

Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins with Doctor Lunchtime Leg Lift

Varicose veins are both painful and a cosmetic problem. Dr Adam Gropper MD is among few doctors in South Florida that have begun a noninvasive, painless, and quick treatment for varicose veins that will be covered by most insurance companies. Dr. Gropper calls it the “lunchtime leg lift” because his first patient was treated in forty-five minutes over her lunch hour.

This condition results from defective or damaged valves that prevent backward flow of flood within the vein. The associated increase in blood volume during pregnancy can worsen the condition, as well as prolonged standing and obesity or a distended stomach.

The ultrasound device used for this new treatment has a revolving tip to close the vein and the ultrasound helps put the vein in its proper place.

Dr. Gropper’s first patient left very satisfied, claiming she didn’t feel any pain.

“I couldn’t see those bumps, ugly varicose veins. They’re not there anymore” she remarked once the procedure was finished.

She went then went back to the office to continue her work day.

For more information on this procedure visit Quick Fix for Post Pregnancy Varicose Veins

The Truth About Spot-Reducing Body Fat: Why Dieting Alone May Not Be Enough

While it’s widely believed that certain exercises can help reduce the amount of fat on the hips, thighs, stomach, or butt alone, there is simply no way to “spot-reduce” fat by exercising.  Diet and exercise are great ways to reduce a person’s overall body fat and help them maintain a healthy weight, but reducing fat on only specific areas to reshape your figure may require other treatments.

The Science Behind Body Fat
Body fat is stored in cells called adipose cells.  These cells are mostly distributed around the hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach in women and around the midsection in men.   How much fat an individual stores is determined genetically by the number of adipose cells present in a particular area.  When a person loses weight and reduces the amount of fat on their body, a little bit of the fat comes off each of the areas of the body where adipose tissue is found – and doing exercises like crunches and squats that target fat-storing regions won’t reduce the number of adipose cells on the stomach or thighs.

What Are My Options?
Though it may go against the goals of diligent sit-up and tricep-curl performers, these types of exercises won’t give the desired effect with just dieting and workouts.  The only way to spot-reduce fat on the body is via a surgical procedure like liposuction.  Liposuction is a way to both remove body fat and reduce the number of adipose cells on the treated area, thereby permanently reducing the amount of fat that can be stored there.  After recovery time is over, patients report seeing noticeably more sculpted figures as well as a permanent redirection of fat storage – that is, if a patient who undergoes liposuction of the abdomen gains weight, he or she will not see as much extra fat in the abdominal area as before.

Another option for patients seeking to firm and improve the look of the skin on the thighs and buttocks is cellulite treatment.  Cellulite, the “dimpled” appearance often found on the skin of the legs, is caused by deposits of fatty tissue which push unevenly on the skin.  Diet alone cannot reduce the appearance of cellulite, but laser treatments and massage therapies performed by a cosmetic dermatologist Westchester can help.  These treatments are performed over a series of several weeks or months, and they can provide the skin a firm and tight look as well as give the patient more confidence in their body.

Making The Right Decision
Liposuction or cellulite treatments may not be the right choice for all patients, but consulting with an experienced cosmetic dermatologist can help concerned individuals make the right choice.  Connecticut dermatologists Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir are dedicated to offering their patients more confidence in their own skin while offering a better patient experience and keeping them safe.  For more information on their practice and services, visit

Botox and Weight Loss

Everyone knows that Botox can be used to reverse the signs of aging by filling in fine lines on the face.  It’s less-surgical nature makes it very popular and people even throw parties where a doctor injecting Botox is the special guest.   A new study shows that Botox  has another aesthetic purpose: it can also be used as a minimally invasive solution for weight loss.  The doctor conducting the study, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, said that injecting Botox on the walls of the stomach can suppress the appetite.

When injected to the face,  Botox specials Westchester relaxes the muscles at the injection site, smoothing the lines that form wrinkles.  Like the face, when injected to the lining of the stomach, Botox will relax the muscles at the injection site. Relaxing the muscles slows down the digestion pumping process, making the person feel more full for a longer period of time.  Patients are injected with the Botulinum Toxin Type A solution through an endoscope and could be a more minimally invasive solution to weight loss than gastric bypass.

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